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Functional Medicine


Functional Medicine uses the science of health to create and maintain health.  It is understanding the root cause of disease, addressing those causes, and getting on the path back to health.  Treatments are very personalized.  No two people are alike, so why would they get the same treatment.  The name of a disease matters less as we understand the cause.  For example, heart attacks may be caused by too much insulin (metabolic syndrome), mercury toxicity, a deficiency of folic acid, a genetic cholesterol disorder, or even problems within the nerve system.  Treatment must be matched to the cause, not the disease.

Conventional medicine creates specialties such as the cardiologist, rheumatologist, neurologist, endocrinologist, and more, who independently treat each of the body's systems.  Its not bad luck that one person has multiple "diseases", they are all related.  In conventional medicine, when we treat the part and not the system, we can't effectively prevent, treat or reverse chronic illness.  We can focus on the core underlying biological processes that determine whether we are healthy or sick.



Stateboro Chiropractor | Functional Medicine. Dr. Jason R Ryan, DC is a Stateboro Chiropractor.